The CND spectrum of products creates a palette that can be personalized in hundreds of different ways. Just choose a nail coating based on level of commitment! Create additional nail art designs by layering CND Colour & Effects. Think of the Colours as clothing, and Effects as accessories! Those seeking a longer lasting look will love CND Shellac™-The Original Power Polish! Shellac nails go the distance, so there's no need to worry about chips or smudges. Show off nails with high shine, a flawless, chip-free, smudge-free finish, and incredible shades - all with zero dry time. Set Shellac and forget it, because those nails are set for two weeks of color and shine! Sculpt, enhance, extend, or spot correct flaws with the Brisa™ gel system. Create natural looking nails that can be dressed up or down according to preference. Transform nails with Retention+™ by shaping, lengthening, constructing, building, and accenting with color and shine! CND Additives are pure pigments and sparkling effects that create limitless options for nail artistry. Blend Additives into any sculpting powder or gel, or layer over CND Shellac. You can also employ our advanced Sculpting Liquids and Sculpting Powders for easy workability and gorgeous results. Make the most of each of these nail design ideas by beginning and ending manicures with CND Base Coats and Top Coats.


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